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Commercial garage doors are different from residential garage doors in that they must be equipped with additional safety features to prevent accidents and injury at the workplace as well as structural damage. At Coral Springs Commercial Garage Door, we proficiently install commercial garage door openers for clients across Coral Springs, Florida. No matter the size of your garage, we can find a unit to suit your specific needs. We offer a variety of commercial garage door openers and can quickly and efficiently install the model that best works for you.

Coral Springs Garage Door - Commercial Service


Coral Spring commercial service in Florida

Coral Springs Commercial Garage Door have large selection of Steel Panel garage doors, Stamped Steel garage doors, Industrial style Garage doors, Wood garage doors and more. Our dependable doors are built to handle high traffic facilities and we use only expert technicians that are highly skilled and trained in repairing as well as replacing all kinds of commercial garage doors.


It is very common for garage door springs to snap with extreme fluctuations in temperature or just wear and tear. With all different sizes and styles of garage doors on the market today, it’s now more important than ever to ensure your garage door repair company verity’s your door’s overall height and weight, prior to supplying you with replacements springs.

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Spring Repair/Installation

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New Opener Installation

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New Door Installation

Is your garage door off track? When a garage door becomes off track you will not be able to move it up or down. Usually, this is due to a cable breaking or the path of the door being obstructed. In case you’re experiencing a garage door emergency such as a stuck garage door that won’t open, please do not try to lift garage door or fix garage door on your own as you could risk your life. Call the professional garage repair experts in Coral Springs garage door and we will install or repair any set of garage doors you need.

Coral Springs Garage Door - Keep your business secure and safe!

Coral Springs Commercial Garage Door Service Include:


• Fix garage door

• Lift master doors

• Sectional garage doors

• Chamberlain garage door

• Genie garage door openers

• Stanley garage door opener

• Replacement garage door service

• Aluminum and glass garage doors

• Commercial garage door installation

• Commercial garage door maintenance

• Automatic garage door opener selections

• Insulated & uninsulated garage door service

Commercial garage door products in Coral Spring

Your safety is our #1 priority. With a multitude of products and services available, you can count on Coral Springs Garage Door to provide you with the results you need in order to enhance your garage door’s efficiency, without charging you a small fortune to do so. Our inventory consists of products from some of the best names in the business, and we offer them at affordable prices to our customers.


At Coral Springs Garage Door service and repair in Florida, we put a huge emphasis on customer satisfaction, and for good reason. We respond quickly to inquiries and concerns and we strive to complete every project on time. Don't hesitate to contact us at 954 510-5850 to learn more about

our products and services or to schedule an estimate at your home.

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